The innovative system is unique in Chile and allows the capture to be classified remotely and automatically, it managed to remotely identify 99% of the species.

After a period of three months since its installation, the innovative remote identification system for marine species achieved remarkable results by detecting 99% of the species captured.

The technology is installed in a gantry at our Coronel plant and is a unique development in Chile, thanks to an alliance that we signed with the Sicpa company and the University of Concepción. The project, based on artificial intelligence, aims to revolutionize the fishing industry, since by automating the identification of the caught fish, it allows a much more efficient traceability of the fishing, at the same time that it raises its sustainability standards.

“This system is an example of how technological innovation makes it possible to advance towards more sustainable processes and how from Chile we set the standards that will delineate the future operation of inspection and traceability at the international level,” said Antonio Caram, Deputy Manager of Raw Materials Supply by Orizon.

The executive of our company highlighted the change involved in the implementation of this project. “The results are even more relevant when considering that the traditional way of monitoring captured marine resources consists of a manual review of a very small sample of the discharge,” explained Caram.