As we are part of communities and we are committed to them, we started the campaign “We help with the best we have” during the pandemic that took the sustainable nutrition from the sea to children, the elderly and other communities impacted by the crisis.

As part of our commitment to the health and education of future generations, we delivered more than 480 kilos of food to several schools in Coronel and a set of tablets. To contribute to the development of future generations, Orizon also donated 40 new computers to children at the Belén Educa Foundation.

Our alliance with the Food Network (Red de Alimentos in Spanish) became stronger than ever during the pandemic and we have provided more than 238,000 rations to soup kitchens and community pots in Santiago and Coquimbo. We have delivered more than 24,000 kilos of food! That donation included our traditional nutritional San José Jack Mackerel, which played a leading role, as well as small mussels, tuna and other of the best canned seafood.

To provide further support to our communities in the Regions of Coquimbo and Bio-Bío, we delivered more than 900 food boxes to different organizations like the Las Rosas Foundation in Concepción and Coquimbo, the Caleta Lo Rojas Neighborhood Association in Coronel, the Coronel Algae Harvesters Union and the Municipality of Coronel.