We take care of what the ocean offers us

We constantly innovate to advance towards the best international environmental standards. Our commitment is to go beyond complying with current national regulations and, therefore, we have certified under strict international and independent regulations. All this currently allows us to have 100% renewable fishing.

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Orizon’s commitment to the ocean goes beyond the norm, our boats are equipped with high-tech echo probes, and sonars.

Our technological infrastructure goes hand in hand with the experience of captains and crew, who can determine whether the fish that we wish to extract are in the fishing zone. We also take care not to harm other species, and to exceed International standards. The law on discards controls and regulates that boats do not dispose of species in the ocean while fishing.



It is monitored and regulated by the intergovernmental body committed to sustainable long-term conservation of fisheries in the South Pacific Ocean, namely the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO-SP).

Jack Mackerel fishery

Is in full exploitation and is the largest in Latin America.


A spawning biomass of 5 million tons is estimated and the total quota for RFMO-SP member countries is 680,000 tons for 2020. In the last 10 years, our sustainability efforts have resulted in a growth of 4.2 million tons in the biomass.

Jack Mackerel in Chile and the World

Chile holds 64.56% of the world quota for Jack Mackerel, 439,000 tons!! Orizon processes close to 26% of the Chile’s quota, making it the most important actor in Chile and the world.

For more information on sustainability and the status of fisheries, please go to SUBPESCA.

Production Cycle

Production at our plants

Orizon uses two types of fishing:

Artisanal fishing, mainly small pelagic species, specifically Sardines and Anchovies, that are used to produce fishmeal, and industrial fishing, centered mostly on Jack Mackerel that will be processed to produce frozen foods, canned foods, fishmeal and oil.

The fish are weighed when they arrive at the processing plants, then sorted by size and sent to the different processes mentioned above.

We endeavor to take maximum advantage of each resource taken from the sea throughout the chain of production to create healthy, nutritional food both for human or animal consumption. Fish waste is also recovered in the canning process and used to produce fishmeal and oil.



Value Creation

Orizon is the world´s leading producer of Jack Mackerel. Our commitment is to be a leader in nutrition from the sea through quality-certified, healthy, innovative and sustainable products.