Responsible Fishing

Responsible fishing is what helps obtain sustainable nutrition from the sea. And Jack Mackerel has been one of the first ocean products to be developed sustainably, taking special care to keep its population healthy. Thanks to regulatory compliance, ongoing innovation to attain the highest environmental standards and international certifications, today Orizon’s Jack Mackerel is 100% renewable.

Quotas & Ban

The Jack Mackerel, Sardine and Anchovy fisheries are regulated by quotas, which are determined according to different parameters that determine the health of the resource, among them we can mention the total biomass, the spawning biomass and the recruitment (specimens that are incorporated for the first time to the fishery). The levels of exploitation to which the resource is subjected are also considered.

Another mechanism used to manage these fisheries are closures, which are applied to protect reproductive periods and those with a high presence of juvenile specimens.

All this ensures the health and sustainability of resources.

We hold different independent international certifications: from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) that ensures that the Jack Mackerel we fish, is according to strict standards of quality, in compliance with the sustainability standards set by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).


Working under fishing quotas

The Chilean industry is regulated by global catch quotas that are intended to maintain a healthy ocean population and a growing biomass so that we can ensure the continuity of fish as a source of food and the ocean as a source of life, both today and in the future.


Support and joint work with artisanal fishers

Artisanal fishers who catch and land their catches at our plants are paid a price that is agreed and set as a proportion of the market price of fishmeal.

Artisanal fishing

The fish caught are small pelagic species, they are used to produce fishmeal and fish oil.

100% of the fish arriving at our Coquimbo plant is caught by artisanal fishers.

40% of the fish processed at our Coronel Industrial Complex is caught by artisanal fishers.

Industrial fishing

Industrial fishing is concentrated mainly on Jack Mackerel and is mostly turned into frozen, canned products and, to a lesser extent, to fishmeal and oil.

We have an operating fleet of 6 of our own advanced technology ships.


90% of our Jack Mackerel is intended for direct human consumption and the remaining 10% is converted to fishmeal and oil.



We constantly innovate to advance towards the best international environmental standards.