We sealed a contract with EMOAC. This agreement guarantees that 100% of the electricity consumption that we are going to have is being generated in a renewable way, wind, solar, geothermal, among others.

It was in the year 2020 when we set ourselves the goal of including renewable energies as an axis in our operation. As of 2022, our Coquimbo plant is the first junction to operate with 100% renewable energy. Then, between January 2023 and the same month in 2024, EMOAC will begin supplying our other three remaining junctions in the Coronel industrial fishing complex.

“At Orizon, one of our sustainability goals is for it to always be at the core of our operation and be cross-cutting in the way we work. For this reason, moving towards 100% renewable energy is the result of long work and an analysis of how we can responsibly implement specific changes in pursuit of our commitment to caring for the environment,” says Cristián Larraín, our Commercial and Sustainability Manager.