We received the Blue Seal of the Clean Production Agreement. The recognition was granted by the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change (ASCC), in view of our commitment to the circular economy. We managed to recover 41% of the household waste generated on board our boats!.

As a great step within our 2025 Sustainability Strategy, the Sustainability and Climate Change Agency awarded us the Blue Seal of the Clean Production Agreement, which certifies the “Sustainable Management of Solid Waste Assimilable to Households in Industrial Fishing Vessels”, recognition delivered to those companies that manage to recover at least 10% of household waste generated on ships.

“At Orizon we are carrying out concrete actions in environmental matters, understanding the current challenges for Chile and the world, in the context of our sustainability strategy. For this reason, we are very proud to obtain the APL certificate, a seal that reflects our commitment to leading sustainable nutrition from the sea, with love for what we do, caring for the ocean and generating positive impacts on our environment,” said Allan Carrasco, our Deputy Manager of Sustainability and Communications. Additionally, it is noteworthy that our company far exceeded the goal established by the ASCC, by recovering 41% of household waste generated on board our vessels.

Likewise, it should be noted that this agreement also contemplates promoting a cultural change in fishing workers, through constant training in environmental issues that contribute to increasing recycling, waste recovery and other environmental indicators, which further consolidates our relation to artisanal and industrial fishing.