Who We Are

We are Orizon S.A, a fishing company that brings the best and healthiest of the sea to the tables of Chile and the world every day. Our products are innovative, with certified quality and traceability, and are aimed at human consumption and industrial supplies. We have proposed to take on the great challenges of society and generate a real impact on people’s lives, amplifying all that the ocean gives us to promote positive changes beyond the coasts. With extensive experience, we are part of the Grupo de Empresas Copec, one of the largest business conglomerates in South America.

Our commitment is to be a leader in sustainable nutrition from the sea through quality-certified, healthy, innovative and sustainable products.


Our History

We became Orizon in 2010 after the merger of Southpacific Korp S.A. (SPK) and Pesquera San José S.A. This alliance inherited those companies’ historic commitment to Chile’s nutrition–the traditional San José canned Jack Mackerel.

We are a part of the history of Chile and its healthy nutrition and we renew that commitment every day in the search for new products that are more beneficial to people. A relevant factor in our search for operating excellence and specialization in production processes is the 20% interest we hold in St. Andrews and our 46.7% interest in Golden Omega.

Nuestra historia

We own a distributor that sells our products and other products from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and national innovations on the local market. We are the exclusive representative in Chile of the third largest food producer in the United States, General Mills, for the brands: Nature Valley, Fiber One, Betty Crocker, Häagen Dazs and Old El Paso.

In August 2020 we inaugurated La Mesa de Todos, that is endeavoring to position itself as a digital sales channel for the brands of Orizon and its distributor. It offers versatile nutritional products to all Chileans and for any occasion.


Global Presence


Production Centers

Commercial Offices


Production Centers

The fish that gives us the best and most nutritious from the Ocean is processed in our production centers, where each work team produces food of the highest quality for human and animal consumption.